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The Language Model for Patterning: In this society, a standard income only can provide one with day to day living, and with African Americans not having the wealth that whites accumulated from history, it is harder to live better.

I also found the readings this week very interesting and eye opening. However, this game is limited on what children can sort the groceries into as it is only colour, size and container and the children do not get to choose how they want to sort the groceries, they are only told to sort the groceries in a specific way.

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He concluded that even though they have the same income, he did not come from a background with the same assets savings, investments, large inheritances. The students are only performing one skill; determining what is next to continue the pattern Education, These properties include colour, container, size and then progresses to colour and container, or size and container etc.

Helping children learn Mathematics 2nd Australian ed.

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Children would use this resource when they are at the materials language stage as they have to extend the pattern using pictures of objects that are familiar to them. Week 5 Part 1 slide and Brisbane, Australia: He, however, was not.

Screenshots of the game: This teaching strategy is a game that would be used when children are able to quickly recognise attributes of shape and match them to a sentence of question.

This entry was posted in Week 5 Reflection Post. Furthermore, the game requires students to analyse the properties of a collection of items and classify them in different ways by understanding what they have done when sorting the groceries.

I like to think society is starting to realize this and is changing to promote a future of equality, but I also realize there is a lot more work to be done for total equality to become the norm. This resource could be limited however, as there is only 4 patterns to complete.

Patterning is important because it requires a skill to organise and remember relationships, therefore, if a child cannot recognise patterning as repeating sets, they may not be able to see the relationship between the sets as they repeat.

Like I stated in my post, I often feel this leads to an idea that they choose to live the way they do. If a child struggles to recognise the sets of patterns, they will not be able to build, extend, insert or translate the patterns.

Students firstly are required to match items together in a game similar to memory, flipping cards over to match the correct grocery pictures together Education Services Australia Ltd, This game would be used for children in year levelsas it involves shapes of different colour, size and angles along with a code of letters to represent each shape.

That societies idea of a racial hierarchy systematically caused this. If students find this too easy or advanced, they would have to move to a resource that is more complexed or at the next stage of the language model. Kitchen Stacker is a Scootle resource that can be used for children from the foundation year into grade 2.

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I would also use coloured blocks to build a pattern and pull the sets apart to show how the sets repeat. Therefore, this game would be used when children are at the mathematical language stage as they can understand how a shape can be described by its attributes like side, size and colour.

This could occur if they cannot perform determining, Week 5 weekly reflection, sorting, comparing or ordering skills from the pre-number concepts. I would demonstrate the pattern using materials they know and have them copy, and then make their own pattern.

Then students must classify items according to their properties when sorting the groceries into the three characters homes. From this data alone, one can see there is definitely a systemic issue in terms of how America continues to spread its wealth, and its crazy that one can compare two similar people, in terms of family status, work status, and education level, but the two people are still unequal in terms of wealth because of one difference: Retrievedfrom Education Services Australia: Especially when it comes to the effects of past racist laws and events still being a factor in the financial disparity between races.

This game has a short time limit: Click this link to view resource: Week 7 — The Future of Race?Law Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Weekly Reflection Learning Team Weekly Reflection Law/ University of Phoenix In Week one of Contemporary Business Law, Team A learned about substantive, procedural, criminal, civil, common, and statutory law.

home > weekly reflection blog week 5 – sergio flores By Sergio Flores August 11, During week 5 with Vitti & Vitti & Associates I dedicated a lot of time to developing the website using the template that I recommended, as it was purchased by the firm.

Week Five Reflection ACC/ Week Five Reflection The concept of time value of money is accounting is the relationship between time and money (Kieso, Wygandt, & Warfield, ). The common expression is that money today is worth more than the assurance of money received tomorrow.

LDR Week 5 Learning Team Weekly Reflection NEW. Complete the assessment. Discuss the benefi. Prepare a to 1,word paper detailing the findings of the assessment. Week 5 Team Weekly Reflection Team D Mark Adamson Jordan Anderson Eunsun Edgmond Anthony Liu Jessica Mayer Assessment Benefits of.

Feb 27,  · Week 5 Reflection Posted on February 27, DESCRIBE/DEMONSTRATE A SPECIFIC MISCONCEPTION CHILDREN MIGHT HAVE IN RELATION TO THE WEEKLY TOPIC. Week 4 Reflection; Week 5 Reflection; Week 6 Reflection; Week 7 Reflection; Week 8 Reflection; Week 9 Reflection; .

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