War driving

In Decembera class of undergraduates worked to map the city of Seattle, Washington over several weeks. Due to various operating system and computer driver issues with the Windows operating system, some GPS antennas will work better than others.

There are a number of local ordinances; however, that have been passed which make it illegal to gain unauthorized access to a computer network and any associated personal data. Shipley would go on to release his work and findings at Defcon which would go on to create a hobby that is still practiced to this day.

In order to extend the range of a laptop or mobile device that is being used War driving wardriving, an external antenna can War driving attached to increase the detection range of the device and increases the total number of networks detected.

Their War driving showed that the volume of credential theft possible through Warkitting exceeded the estimates of credential theft due to phishing. Because a wireless LAN may have a range that extends beyond an office building, an outside user may be able to intrude into the network, obtain a free Internet connection, and possibly gain access to company records and other resources.

There are a number of free software applications available for wardriving. The disadvantages War driving this method are slower speed of travel but leading to discovery of more infrequently discovered networks and the absence of a convenient computing environment.

Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Most access points, when using default "out of the box" security settings, are intended to provide wireless access to all who request it.

In the United States, the act of collecting data on available wireless networks using this method is not considered illegal. Technology advances and developments in the early s expanded the extent of this practice.

The term wardriving was first coined by computer security consultant Pete Shipley. Companies that have a wireless LAN are urged to add security safeguards that will ensure only intended users have access. Using GPS Antennas with NetStumbler Wardriving has evolved since it was first developed by Peter Shipley to the point that network administrators and engineers now use the technique to help map out network connectivity zones and diagnose network connectivity issues.

Breaching a private network may be illegal and at least one person has been prosecuted for it. A mounted antenna not specifically designed for use with GPS can work as well as long as it is designed to operate on the 1.

Consequently, handheld devices such as pocket computerswhich can perform such tasks while users are walking or standing, have dominated this practice.

The results can then be uploaded to websites like WiGLEopenBmap or Geomena where the data is processed to form maps of the network neighborhood.

Wardriving is the physical act of seeking out a WiFi network with a mobile device or laptop while driving a vehicle.


They noticed trends in the frequency and security of the networks depending on location. In the movie, random phone lines connected to a modem were sought out similar to a person seeking out wireless networks while driving a vehicle.

The legality of active wardriving is less certain, since the wardriver temporarily becomes "associated" with the network, even though no data is transferred. There are several options available to secure a WiFi network against wardriving or other unauthorized use.

This simplifies the process of connecting the GPS device to the computer since there is only one connection required normally USB. Share this item with your network: For better range and sensitivity, antennas are built or bought, and vary from omnidirectional to highly directional.

Etymology[ edit ] War driving originated from wardialinga method popularized by a character played by Matthew Broderick in the film WarGamesand named after that film. August Learn how and when to remove this template message Some portray wardriving as a questionable practice typically from its association with piggybackingthough, from a technical viewpoint, everything is working as designed: The act of drawing symbols in public locations to advertise open WiFi network s is warchalking.

war driving (access point mapping)

Step 3 — Click the NetStumbler download link. Additional steps one can take to harden a wireless network include enabling the network firewall, antivirus software, and identifying individual computing that are allowed to access the network by entering the MAC address for each device into the router configuration panel.

Google created a privacy storm in some countries after it eventually admitted systematically but surreptitiously gathering WiFi data while capturing video footage and mapping data for its Street View service.

Many of the open networks were clearly intended to be used by the general public, with network names like "Open to share, no porn please" or "Free access, be nice. To do war driving, you need a vehicle, a computer which can be a laptopa wireless Ethernet card set to work in promiscuous modeand some kind of an antenna which can be mounted on top of or positioned inside the car.

With other types of software, such as NetStumblerthe wardriver actively sends probe messages, and the access point responds per design.Although war driving is a real security threat, it doesn’t have to be a hazard to your home wireless network.

With a few precautions, or “defensive driving” measures, you can keep your network and your data locked down.

WarDriving is a collection of information and resources pertaining to the activity of driving around in a car searching and pinpointing the location of wireless networks in metropolitian areas. War driving, also called access point mapping, is the act of locating and possibly exploiting connections to wireless local area networks while driving around a.

Wardriving was a controversial practice from the beginning, but it did raise awareness of the importance of wireless network security and more residences have since employed basic Wi-Fi security measures like WPA encryption. While some consider wardriving a fad whose time has passed, occasional high-profile events such as Google Street View.

Wardriving is the physical act of seeking out a WiFi network with a mobile device or laptop while driving a vehicle. The original term was derived from the movie, War games, that used “war dialing” during the course of the story told in the movies.4/5(6).

This paper is from the SANS Institute Reading Room site. Reposting is not permitted without express written permission. A Guide to Wardriving and Detecting Wardrivers.

War driving
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