Uml for rental movie system

In this example, there are two external entities, namely Customer and Manager. However, if the rating of the customer is "unreliable" then a deposit of one rental period for each video is requested.

Movie Rental

Your object-oriented design must include the following object-oriented features: So it really depends on the purpose of your design. As a result, Return receipt is delivered to the Customer. You may assume that the user can only watch whatever movie is at the front of the playlist.

Recall the five most recent movies that they have watched This operation should print the most recent movies that the user has watched to the screen.

An abstract class What should be the base class that other classes build of? It is our common sense that lead us to interpret the diagram in the way that we understand it naturally. Based on the diagram, we know that a Customer makes a Video request to the Rent Video process.

The customer may pay by cash, credit card, or electronic transfer. The Video Rental System Data Flow Diagram example contains three processes, two external entities and two data stores.

It contains a process shape that represents the system to model, in this case, the "Video Rental Store". Main flow A customer asks an employee about video availability including a reserved video or picks one or more videos from the shelves.

It contains one and only one process and does not show any data store, which makes the diagram simple.

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In most cases, Data Flow Diagram is drawn in the early phase of system development, where many details are yet to be confirmed.

When this occurs, you must do the following: Although there is no design guideline that governs the positioning of shapes in a Data Flow Diagram, we tend to put the processes in the middle and data stores and external entities on the sides to make it easier to comprehend.

I have edited some of the text for clarity and brevity. We have "rental info" and "video info".

Movie Rental Store ( Use Case Diagram (UML))

The use of general terminologies like "details", "information", "credential" certainly leave room for discussion. Inheritance In particular, you must inherit from a base abstract class. However, using general terms can be kind of lacking details and make the design lost it usefulness.The main activity involved in this UML Activity Diagram of Movie Rental System are as follows: Booking Activity; Seats Activity; Movie Activity; Customer Activity; Payment Activity; Features of the Activity UML diagram of Movie Rental System.

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Data Flow Diagram with Examples - Video Rental System Example

Browse BPMN, UML, RDS and flowchart templates to get started quickly and to brainstorm design ideas. (IX) UML Use Case Diagrams - 12 Copyright © - David Leberknight & Ron LeMaster. All rights reserved. Use Cases and Scenarios l A Scenario is an instance of a Use Case – Use Case: A customer rents a video.

– Scenario 1: Rodney Randle rents Rambo. – Scenario 2: Rita Randle rents Roman Holiday using Rodney’s account.

Movie Rental System Activity Diagram

Movie Rental. Activity Diagram (UML) Get the iOS App. Get the Android App. View and share this diagram and more in your device or Register via your computer to use this template Project Management System Activity Diagram Template.

5 (4) ATM (Activity Diagram) (6) Airline Reservation System. 5 (4). Finally, a Manager can receive Rental report from the Generate Rental Report process and the information involved is provided by the Rental data store.

Data Flow Diagram Tips and Cautions Be aware of the level of details. In this Data Flow Diagram example, the word "info" is used many times when labeling data. We have "rental info" and "video info". Each rental record stores (under the customer's account) the check-out and due dates for each video together with the identification of the employee.

A separate rental record is created for each rented video.

Uml for rental movie system
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