The best time to be alive

From the moment we wake up, a flood of radio reports, newspaper columns, TV dramas, Twitter links and Buzzfeed lists wash over us. From my perspective, we live in the best of times. Among the most striking changes, the last few decades has brought remarkable successes in tackling global poverty: Which brings us to the second problem: There is no doubt that our species is far from nailing the task of becoming a prosperous, harmonious civilisation.

Then call your MP and tell him to do the same. By Richard Fisher 28 September Imagine you had the chance to be reborn at any time in human history. So, fortake a deep breath. Add your own reasons to my list. As consensus builds for creating more sustainable practices, more conscious choices are being practiced by individuals on a daily basis.

In the Middle Ages, ironically, very few people actually lived to middle age. This is a Golden Age. But it does not feel that way, does it? Humans have never been exposed to as many of these stories and images as we are now. And that is actually a problem.

Why This Is the Best Time to Be Alive

In there were over There has never been less poverty. Now, even if we take into account war-related diseases or famine, it is still less than one per cent. I believe that what is happening today is analogous to what people who were conscious and aware of what was happening experienced in the Renaissance.

The number of wars has continued to decline sharply since the Second World War, and the number of civil wars has dropped by 40 per cent since Now, the global average is 70 years and climbing, while in North America it has already reached These conflicts are becoming less lethal, too.

However, as the years go by, I am increasingly appreciative of the extraordinary time in which we are living.

The first time our ancestors grabbed a tool. The Science and Politics of Fear, has eloquently written, our natural fight-or-flight instincts persist. In the s, the average civil war would kill 86, people. Once, you needed to personally watch someone in your clan teach you a lesson about not petting lions.

Why the present day could be the best time to be alive

We are the one species capable of observing our own process and capable of vision and commitment to alternative interpretations of who we are, what is possible and how to achieve our ambitions.

The numbers are almost tediously positive. The number of democracies has blossomed, from only 11 into over 80 today.

Expand the time frame and things look even better. Cynically they know the minuscule threat of Ebola carriers is more important to you than the inevitable threat of climate change.

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Child mortality has fallen by half since The number of global warheads is down from 70, in to 24, now. Similarly, the maternal mortality rate was cut in half since Sadly, our political class has discovered this bug in our code, and happily exploits it. If you had the chance to be reborn, one of the smarter, more prudent choices would be today; right now.

If you got ill, your medical care might involve leeches and trepanning. Your mind is likely filled with thoughts of recent terrorist attacksracial tensions and economic crises. At the same time, we must reconcile the paradox between who we are as individuals and who we are as a larger community.

Dropped by 25 per cent in the last decade. No single person can change the world, but if enough talented minds are put to enough discrete problems — if we share knowledge, and exchange ideas with one another — then seemingly incremental progress can gradually transform into great leaps.

Sharing ideas, we believe, is the best way to nudge our species forward: There are fewer autocracies.Being alive at any time is preferable to the alternative. However, as the years go by, I am increasingly appreciative of the extraordinary time in which we are living. I don't mean this as some.

Apr 18,  · So the time for me would be in 19th-century New England, the 's, 40's and 50's, at the time of the abolitionist movement, at the time that women become professional authors in.

The best time to be alive is the time you are alive. You can imagine, you can speculate, you can hope, long, or wish for something else, but your life, right now, is all you've got, so make it the best.

Watch video · Why Now Is The Best Time To Be Alive, Ever.

It might not feel like it, but the world is wealthier, healthier, longer-lived, and safer than it has ever been. Here are 23 charts that show why this is the best time to be born. 1. Child mortality has dropped and life expectancy has grown around the world since I think that really depends on what time period and culture you would most connect with.

I personally would love to go back to the time of Plato and Socrates in Ancient Greece because I think that (despite its obvious issues like denying women's rights) it was an amazing time to be alive.

The best time to be alive
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