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After the dissolution of Guided by Voices inRobert Pollard launched his official solo career with the release of From a Compound Eye in February Between andthey released songwriting accessories records in this way, recording, printing and distributing them at their own expense.

At the time he was working part-time as an elementary school teacher. The fourth post-reunion album and twentieth Guided by Voices albumEnglish Little Leaguewas released on April 30, Initially, Guided By Voices was a band in name only, its members being a revolving cast of musicians, most of whom Pollard kicked out songwriting accessories the band at one time or another.

Our Cubehouse Still Rocks was released in September Other bands and projects[ edit ] Pollard has also issued recordings under a variety of other band names and in collaboration with former GBV colleagues and other musicians. I even resorted to bullshit tactics, like telling the band I was quitting and we were breaking up, then forming again a month later with new members.

Although known as a lo-fi band that relied on home recordings, in later years the group relied more on professional recording studios and worked with producers such as Ric Ocasek.

The first show was on November 30, in Chicago at The Metro. A full tour followed and the band remained together until September In Septemberthe band announced they were disbanding once again and cancelled all remaining dates on their tour. These records got very little response, and although the pressings ran only to between and 1, copies of each, the producers were left with many copies on their hands.

He then committed to teaching school full-time. These albums were typically recorded with a small group consisting of current or former Guided by Voices members, and they were generally considered to informally be part of the Guided by Voices canon, as that band would regularly perform selections from the solo releases in concert.

A third album, The Bears for Lunchcame out on November However, "Propeller" impressed the indie label Scat Recordswho signed the band to a recording contract. I had physical altercations with them. With the release of "Vampire on Titus"the band was finally able to perform live around the U.

Then in Pollard eventually dubbed the project "Guided By Voices". InPollard resumed touring with a new band informally dubbed "The Ascended Masters", which featured Tommy Keene on lead guitar and keyboards, Dave Phillips on guitar, Jon Wurster on drums, and Jason Narducy on bass, but subsequent to the cancellation of some dates due to a leg injury, Pollard announced his retirement from touring.

Inbowing to the lack of support from family and friends, and to the pressure of unpaid debt, Pollard broke up Guided By Voices after releasing Propellerwhich he felt was their best album to date.Shop from the USA, UK or India.

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Robert Pollard

Proven techniques for songwriting success This friendly, hands-on guide tackles the new face of therecording industry. Robert Ellsworth Pollard Jr.

(born October 31, ) is an American musician and singer-songwriter who is the leader and creative force behind indie rock group Guided by addition to his work with Guided by Voices, he continues to have a prolific solo career with 22 solo albums released so far.

Songwriting accessories
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