Secondary source for essay

How to Integrate Quotations into your Essay Your toal should be to link quotations clearly and smoothly with your own sentences. Give yourself a chance first.

The essay writer comments on what she considers is the most important point from the quotation and shows her reader how she interprets the quotation.

In scholarly writing, an important objective of classifying sources is to determine the independence and reliability of sources. Yours is the voice that should most strongly come through. What was the cultural and historical context and the environment in which this document was written?

Mona Van Duyn describes the character, St Quentin, in the following way: The critics you use have had to submit their work to a publisher, and their work has had to meet a certain standard in order to be published in a scholarly journal.

They are directly written about one person. Remember the idea that an essay is your offering to an ongoing academic conversation. This is not an anonymous discussion. If the writer writes about research done by others then this writing will be a secondary source.

Primary sources are usually firsthand information about something such as diaries, court records, interviews, research studies about experiments, and information that has been stated but not interpreted by others. Who says something is important, as well as what is said.

Although using computers and the Internet makes it easy, cutting and pasting the exact words from a web site into your essay is asking for trouble, especially if you feel you are in a hurry.

What is the Difference between the Primary and Secondary Sources?

Most secondary sources analyze the material or restate the works of others. That is why you have to cite your sources by name and say where you found them.

If you always tell your reader who is saying what, it also becomes clearer when you, the essay writer, are speaking in your own voice making your own contribution. Many university library websites offer subject-guide pages, specific to particular subjects or disciplines. Have a reason for quoting.

For example, many first hand accounts of events in World War I written in the post-war years were influenced by the then prevailing perception of the war which was significantly different from contemporary opinion.

Classification[ edit ] Information can be taken from a wide variety of objects, but this classification system is only useful for a class of sources that are called symbolic sources. Looking for Secondary Sources For an English essay, a secondary source is anything that you use for information or for insight in your essay that is outside the primary text.

In general, websites are best when they meet the following criteria: The subject guide gives information on and links to the following research tools:Lesson Three Primary and Secondary Sources.

by Susan McGowan. Primary sources: Primary source documents are those written at the time of the period under study. We will write a custom essay sample on Secondary Sources specifically for statutes, and case law are primary materials.

These items comprise “the law.” All other materials are secondary legal sources. Secondary sources contain summaries of the law and commentaries on the law. research and theory. * Periodicals are the best source. In the social sciences, a secondary source is usually a scholar book, journal article, or digital or print document that was created by someone who did not directly experience or participate in the events or conditions under investigation.

Secondary sources, while still highly useful, are written by someone else after an event or about a document and can therefore only serve the purpose of furthering an argument if the source has credibility in the field. In simple terms, a secondary source writes or talks about something that is a primary source.

For instance, if a person were to write about a painting hanging in the art gallery, this would be a secondary source discussing the original art.

Source Analysis Essay. Sources can be classified into two groups.

D. Examples of Secondary Sources

These are the primary sources and the secondary sources. Primary sources are the materials that involves history like original documents which were created at the time under study.

Secondary source for essay
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