My first dai in collage

Do you doodle to pay attention? Make a list of what you hope to accomplish on campus during the beginning of the semester and go for it!

For days you may miss, you will need to obtain the notes somehow. To me it is an unforgettable day. The college laboratory excited my interest on the very first day and I got eager to perform experiments there.

The Kashmir Issue Essay in English for Students It was a beautiful day with a light rain shower when i was on my way My first dai in collage a new world of freedom and learning.

I eat alone all the time now because I like to. I thought I looked awkward with the huge bag and with the surprised almost scared expression on my face.

As we roamed around with my new friends in every college buildings, we saw awesome facilities supported by high technologies. She got her food, found a seat and stared at her phone the entire time.

The senior students had played a trick to me. I felt a new rhythm of life and returned home with a mixed sense of duty and liberty.

I admitted "A college is a lighthouse which emits radiations of knowledge and wisdom. Kate recommends combining schoolwork with social time.

I also sat there for some time and enjoyed reading a book. But at that moment, I relized I was wrong. I also highly recommend wearing anything that expresses your personality that you think might spur someone to say "hey I love that where did you get it?

How to deal Kate faced this same issue during her first college class. Have fun with your first day of college outfit and show your personality. Head to class with fifteen or twenty minutes to spare in case other students had the same idea.

My First Day at College Essay with English Quotation

My first day in college was an experience worth remembering because of three reasons: In addition, I saw new environment and it made me feel more comfortable. I noted with a sense of relief that I would no longer be confined to the same room for hours together as I used to be at schoOl.

For example, one of my go-to combinations was nice jeans with no holes or rips, a cotton blouse or T-shirt, a cool necklace, a casual cloth blazer, and sandals or flats. I was very much delighted to see the grand library of the college where I could find books on very subject.

I noted down the time-table of my class from the notice board.I wrote this article in and it is the most viewed even to this day (August ). Your love of this article also inspired me to suggest doing a first day of college episode on the show I host, The SKiNNY.

Some say that first day in college was a beautiful experience but for me it was like a complete life in itself. My first day in college was an experience worth remembering because of three reasons: I met new friends, saw a new environment and knew new teachers.

On my first day in college, I [ ]. What to Expect on Your First Day of Class in College Ensure you make the most of your classes and professors, starting from your very first day of each course.

Maya Moritz. My First Day At College quotes - 1. My first day at MGM they decided to bring this lion out, male, and it was not the best time for him to see me.

All of a sudden he thought I was in heat and this lion went into the dressing room, which was just a trailer on the sound stage, and went crazy. Read more quotes and sayings about My First Day At College. Your first day of college is a constant stream of new experiences that can be stress-free and fun!

A few preparations beforehand can go a long way to making sure you start your first day of college off right.

6 Problems You’ll Face Your First Day of College (& How to Deal)

get ready and leave for the day. I lived with six other girls in my first year of college, and we all shared one shower.

If I had to. Sweet memories are like the sweet flowers. They become a constant source of happiness and glee in the depressing drama of the life. The sweet memories of my first day at college are the assets of my life.

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My first dai in collage
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