How to conduct a business planning meeting

Guidelines to Conducting Effective Meetings

A regular cycle If you have a regular meeting cycle, people will start to save the date e. This process enables you to determine which tasks should bubble to the top of your action item list.

Rules like no interrupting, etc. A truly good meeting happens when attention is paid to the four phases of meeting management: For example, if adding a new product line would create a significant revenue stream, that task would have a high rank. Listen closely to understand the points the speaker is making, and restate these points aloud if you are unsure.

Do not stick with hierarchy: Inevitably, during our discussion of shortcomings, we remember other accomplishments so we have a blank space on the white board to write those down.

How do you run an effective meeting? Then move on when no one objects or everyone agrees. Understand what will be the differentiation axis for the company.

Its process and effectiveness are further measured by feedback during and after the meeting as well as by how the assignments made and decisions reached are implemented. If someone keeps expressing doubts about accomplishing anything, is bitter and puts down every suggestion, keeps bringing up the same point over and over, has power issues, etc.

List the amount of time you plan for each item. The chair continues to entertain motions on each item along with votes with the secretary recording minutes of the meeting. If someone keeps going off the agenda, has side conversations through the whole meeting, verbally attacks others, etc.

What are our biggest sources of revenue? Would it free up time to focus on high revenue opportunities? Develop new leaders by handing over the gavel Try rotating chairing responsibility. As leader, it is your responsibility to follow up to make sure managers are fully carrying out the strategies and changes developed in your strategic planning meeting.

Part of the preparation includes creating the agenda, inviting attendees, sending the agenda out and preparing the venue.

Tips on handling difficult members Interventions Interventions are techniques to use when you are confronted with disruption or problems during the meetings.

Tips on handling difficult members What are effective meetings? References 4 "Successful Meetings: The time may come later to announce your plans to the company at large. Her credits include many books, plays, optioned features, articles and interviews.

Great Results"; Dee Kelsey, et al. For the IT savvy presenters, attach them via a hyperlink within your Powerpoint presentation.

Running a Strategic Planning Session

Stay in your role You cannot be a participant and the chair of the meeting at the same time. Have a volunteer do a meeting summary sheet, in addition to the minutes Have the minutes read more like a story than a formal roman-numerals-type report.

They also help update your membership list and give you names for phone trees. Offsite strategy meetings often include team building activities as well as strategic business topics. Once the roll has been called the secretary will record this number in the business minutes and give this number to the chair.

If you need information or research for the meeting, better have it done before the meeting starts. Open the floor to questions and answer them.

Then, edit the business plan to create a custom one for your company. For example, if your strategy is to promote the grand opening of a hospital, the tactics you employ might include staging a ribbon-cutting ceremony and inviting local politicians and the media, hosting an open house for area residents and staging an outdoor "dinner under the big tent," where residents can meet surgeons, physicians and nurses in an informal setting.

Set Milestones and Assign Accountability Create a spreadsheet for each quarter that lists each task and who is responsible for working on it. Running or chairing a meeting means more than just moving the group through the agenda.May 07,  · Reader Approved How to Conduct Effective Meetings.

Three Parts: Conducting a Meeting Preparing for a Meeting Being an Effective Chairperson Community Q&A Running an effective meeting is crucial to the function of 90%().

When holding an annual strategic planning meeting, the preparation often overshadows the actual purpose of the meeting. Part of the preparation includes creating the agenda, inviting attendees, sending the agenda out and preparing the venue.

Clarifying the purpose of your meeting is the first and most important planning step—this will drive all of the other elements of your prep. Make sure you really need a meeting. Many companies embark on a strategic planning process, either formerly or informally. Often, many parties in the organization are involved in the process, and the strategic planning session is a traditional occasion which brings the managers together to discuss the issues facing the company.

A truly good meeting happens when attention is paid to the four phases of meeting management: Planning for the meeting (Agenda and goals) Setting up. Types of meetings you may conduct: • • • • • Sales Meetings are ideal for discussing sales, results, as well as to recognize leaders for their achievements Strategy Planning Meetings with your leaders Opportunity Meetings where you would provide information about Immunotec’s business opportunity Group meetings with your downline /5(6).

How to conduct a business planning meeting
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