Gandhi s views on handwriting analysis

For the most part, he was a person who believed in logic, shown by many words which have a very high degree of connectivity. This is what he told a newspaper just before becoming an MP for the first time: Check their handwriting t-bar At times, Rahul thinks it is easier to manage his affairs alone rather than bother getting involved with others.

Such a writer faces difficulty in establishing close relationships. Will he ever come out of her shadow? She also promoted science and technology.

The whole writing reflects a person of a very forthright and honest nature. A tendency to be formal is shown in the occasional arcade connections used in words like "of" and, of course in his signature.

So, Rahul ought to watch out and he should try making his signature legible. She was a person who was always on the move observing and using her insight to act on her thoughts.

People with such a handwriting always recognize obligations and hence prove good friends. This trait in him is reflected by the leftward lower zone in handwriting. Being unemotional, fair and objective in his thoughts and deeds was obviously not beyond him, which is reflected in the sharp-pointed "n"s and angular albeit wide "m"s.

Leanness in the upperzone loops indicate a person who was very alert and agile in his mind. She had a high degree of intuition and some how had an idea that she would be killed.

Also emphasizing this, is the frequent usage of the fluid "g". Despite being in power, he will be more accessible than people who have occupied the chair in the past.

Yes, Rahul baba is scared of commitment, which is probably one of the reasons why he has not married yet. No, he does not. Here, I have his handwriting sample that will help us discover a few things about the personality of the Gandhi scion.

This also indicates a person who wielded the power to dominate. His refined literary and cultural leanings are well shown in the delta "d"s that he so often used.

Many of his leading out lines which follow the baseline far after the words have ended also emphasize a man of caution. Rahul loves to reach out Rahul Gandhi became a visible face in the Indian politics some seven years ago. Honesty and patience in his personality are shown by the "i" dots that frequently occur as "fine" dots that appear very near the stem, though his writing is very fast.

All the same, one does not need to look hard to find the lines "crashing" into the right margin repeatedly, which indicate a person who seldom learnt from his mistakes! As minister, she started a family planning program. As many Indians were illiterate, radio and television played a major part in informing them.

Wide spacing between the letters, indicate broad-mindedness in his personality. It also indicates that the Congress leader can be rash and make uncalculated moves and later regret.

She was analytical and unemotional, but could also be sincere and reliable. The "t" bars which end heavily, while going slightly downward, indicate self-control and a strong will power.

Did Mahatma Gandhi have a boyfriend?

He responds sympathetically to his universe. She was a person who needed hard facts in order to take a decision and would see how it would benefit everyone concerned. On her 25th death anniversary, we recall the bullets, the blisters and the footprints left by the first woman Prime Minister of India.

Most of his public appearances have presented him as a person who likes to be around people and has the ability to connect with them.Home-study Course in Handwriting Analysis; Rahul Gandhi’s handwriting reveals he can take rash decisions.

By Vishwas Heathhcliff Famous People, Personality Traits 7 Comments. Share Tweet Free Articles. There is no doubt that Rahul Gandhi is a man of average intelligence, suave and has a charm about him.

But will he be a good ruler? Nov 01,  · Jingle Toons 5, views. If You See This, Run Fast and Ask for Help! Mahatma Gandhi Stories in English Graphology or Handwriting Analysis - Duration. View All Start Slideshow.

Rahul Gandhi’s handwriting reveals he can take rash decisions

Use this primer to analyze it, then improve your style with five troubleshooting tips. Start Slideshow PeopleImages/Getty Images. 1 of Pinterest. Write On (Note: Each analysis corresponds to the handwriting sample to its right.).

Did Mahatma Gandhi have a boyfriend? Did Mahatma Gandhi have a boyfriend?

analysis of mahatma gandhi’s handwriting

Vishwas Heathhcliff March 30, Tagged analysis of mahatma gandhi's handwriting, kallenbach, mahatma gandhi had a secret lover, View Here – next live class. Mahatma Gandhi's personality analysis using graphology.

His actual character revealed in the handwriting analysis report. Jun 12,  · Indira Gandhi's Signature Analysis Here is the signature analysis of Indira Gandhi the former Prime Minister of India, she was the only female Prime Minister of India till now, and she was the only child of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India.

Gandhi s views on handwriting analysis
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