Essay on food security and nutrition

However, many of these species could also be used directly for human consumption. Food production in this region is lagging behind due to limited research investments and the problems for farmers to use the appropriate inputs in their production process.

As urbanisation increases, large urban markets are created and with this the scope of the establishment of big supermarket chains increases.

This option has become more and more important with increasing transport possibilities and storing capacities and the growing challenges faced by some countries in their domestic production, including because of limitations in available cropland. While a higher oil price increases demand for biofuels, there is a catch: The proportion is particularly high for shrimp bottom trawl fisheries.

In the long term, awareness needs to be created about the pressures of increasing population growth and consumption patterns on sustainable functioning of the ecosystem. According to World Food Program, "P4P relies on a collective effort by governments, international agencies, the private sector and others key players.

Countries in conflict and post-conflict situations tend to be food insecure, with more than 20 per cent of the population, and in many cases far more, lacking access to adequate food. WFP announced on 16 October that this year, they have aimed to provide food to million people in 74 countries in the world and even given Essay on food security and nutrition aim, they could only reach approximately 10 percent of those who are in need globally World Food Programme, As Amartya Sen points out, the poor do not have adequate means or entitlements to secure food, even when food is locally or regionally available.

The Malaysian government had carried out an approach to overcome the problem of small farm size by grouping small farms into mini-estates to attain economies of scale for better management and production sustainability. These factors include a broad spectrum of socioeconomic issues with great influence on farmers and on the impoverished in particular.

Sustainable food production, income generation and consumer protection in Malaysia. Trade policies that limit market access, increase the volatility of commodity prices, unfairly subsidise developed country exports and constrain the trade policy flexibility of the developing world affect the stability and security as well as overall economic well-being of developing countries.

Reducing such losses is likely to be among the most sustainable alternatives for increasing food availability. The Star Online Available from: Recovering energy from agricultural wastes is becoming increasingly feasible at the industrial production level; investments in technology enhancement of existing systems and innovation in new waste management systems is called for to support this expanding green economy.

Essay on Food Security

Poor connections between urban and rural areas hinder price transmissions towards local markets, broadening the gap between urban demand and rural production in increasing demand for traditional products or for product diversification. A large portion of this increase is accounted for by intra-EU trade.

In combination with improved soil, this should reduce the risk of total crop failure and enhance the profitability of investments in crop management, for example, fertilisers, labour and crop varieties. The consequences of food insecurity Household food security is an issue of importance to the people worldwide who are suffering from constant hunger and malnutrition and to those who are at risk in the future, including the upcoming generations Braun, The rapid diversification of the urban diet cannot be met by the traditional food supply chain in the hinterland of many developing countries.

A Billion for a Billion. In the short term, the volatile prices can be decreased by price regulation and creation of larger cereal stocks to buffer the tight markets of food commodities and the subsequent risks of speculation. The overall result is that we are beginning to see a homogenisation of food tastes across the globe, but with regional variations.

World Food Programme Available from: How powerful is the jellyfish? Small-scale fisheries, which depend on outboard motors and small diesel engines, have especially suffered from the spiralling rise in fuel prices.

The Green Revolution helped to increase production in cereals in some regions, but the technologies involved had their own limitations.As for the food and nutrition surveillance system, the food and health relationship has an effect on the nutritional status of each individual.

In general, there are five major sources for monitoring the health and nutrition data and this consist of adminitrative services which collects qualitative and quantitative data, random sample surveys.

This essay found that household food security and dwelling type had the largest impacts on child nutrition, both of these are a reflection of income and suggest that higher incomes would help improve child nutrition in Zimbabwe. Nutrition and Food Intake Essay Words | 6 Pages. Food and Nutrition Essay Words | 4 Pages.

up his diet by including more Vitamin C rich foods such as fruits and vegetables or adding a Vitamin C supplement to his diet will help to resolve this problem. If he were going to begin taking a supplement however I would recommend visiting. Food security is a complex sustainable development issue, linked to health through malnutrition, but also to sustainable economic development, environment, and trade.

There is a great deal of debate around food security with some arguing that:. Pan, Suwen, "Three essays on food security, food demand and welfare program participation " ().

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Other factors such as knowledge of nutrition also affect the food security status. Food. The role of urban agriculture in food security and healthy nutrition is probably the most important asset. Production of food in cities is in many cases a response of the urban poor to inadequate, unreliable and irregular access to food.

Essay on food security and nutrition
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