Do people rely on technology too

Computer users should be aware of and implement security measures; and a watchdog organisation needs to be set up to police software development. The point is, fifty years ago, I think society could easily survive and overcome a lapse in electricity even for a long period of time.

My point is that technology seems to have become more of a convenience than a tool. What would happen if your computer crashed?

Do we rely too heavily on technology?

But we do have alternatives, we can still withdraw money over the counter, use filofaxs for our appointments and typewriters for letters. Our reliance on technology has reached a point where many people primarily in the "Western" world would probably curl up and die if forced to live without the technological advances that make their modern life so comfortable.

How would you protect your family and teach your children? Predictions are that the NYSE will become fully automated and computerized, ending the famous trading floor scene of frantic brokers trading shares and deals with one another face-to-face.

L Stevens, Australia The march of "progress" by the human race is relentless, inexorable and virtually unstoppable. Gavin, Finland The recent Y2K problem illustrates that computer technology is not foolproof L Stevens, Australia At the present time we are not over-reliant on computers.

Why Reliance on Technology is a Bad Thing

All in all, a shoddy state of affairs! R Knott, UK The one massive improvement that computes have over paper is backups. What about if you lost your cellphone? The NYSE could go on running using good old-fashioned paper and pencil, just like they did then. Wednesday, 12 April, Toma Kukoc, Croatia You cannot easily backup every piece of paper you own and carry it around with you, but you can if it is on computer.

I believe that this is going to start showing in a few years time. Nobody knows a phone number. I am very surprised the London Stock market did not have any failsafes.

Brian D, Australia I fear that people and society in general do not realise the dramatic effect that the rapid advances in technology are having on humanity. Let me ask you this. The recent Y2K problem illustrates that computer technology is not foolproof.

In Britain we make fast food slow and labour saving devices like computers more work intensive. Mark Lisle, Germany Computers are really good for us and the more people learn to use them the better.Too Much Technology and Not Enough Learning?

By Ben Johnson. March 14, While Facebook has a really cool knack for helping people stay in touch with each other and their lives, it takes a considerable amount of time, not only to participate, but to review what all the other people are doing.

If we want our students to do better, I. Do we rely too much on technology? Technology is a great thing, it is used anywhere and everywhere around the world. Whether it’s a radio or an iPad, we all have some sort of technological device lying around somewhere in the house.

7 signs we are too dependent on technology Most of us rely so much on technology these days that losing it, even for a day, would be extremely. What does any of this have to do with psychology and technology? Or a politician who couldn’t rely on instant polling techniques.

this. First, people rely too much on computers because we use computers for just about everything. We use computers to look up information instead of using books. The medical industry uses computers. Technology is a big part of our lives but do we rely too much on it.

What do you think? Is it a natural tendency for people to hurt people who rely on them too heavily?

Do people rely on technology too
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