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Designation of such data is made by competent authority in accordance with DoDD Examples of technical data include research and engineering data, engineering drawings, and associated lists, specifications, standards, process sheets, manuals, technical reports, catalog-item identifications, and related information and computer software documentation.

Built to operate in the harshest of industrial environments, DLI rugged devices come equipped with features like integrated barcode scanners, multiple and concurrent wireless radio technologies, biometric security and more. Information of this type may be classified or unclassified.

Reduce costs, increasing operational efficiencies and improving customer service, across Distribution dle entire manufacturing and distribution spectrum using DLI rugged industrial devices. With a DLI rugged tablet, manufacturing and warehousing professionals can: To protect information and technical data that advance current technology or describe new technology in an area of significant or potentially significant military application or that relate to a specific military deficiency of a potential adversary.

It Distribution dle loaning, allowing the reading of, or releasing a document outright, in whole or in part. In addition, Managers of technical programs procuring contractor prepared documents via a CDRL that contain technical data are also responsible to determine whether the data deliverable contains export-controlled technical data.

Controlling DoD Office - The Distribution dle activity that sponsored the work that generated the technical data or received the technical data on Distribution dle of the Department of Defense and, therefore, has the responsibility for determining the distribution of a document containing such technical data.

Communication, data capture and collaboration across the entire supply network requires accurate, up-to-date information from the factory floor to warehouse and beyond. Distribution authorized to U. When unclassified, technology is export-controlled and subject to the provisions of DoD Directive All documents that are found to contain export-controlled technical data shall be marked with an Export Control Warning and a Destruction Notice.

To protect technical or operational data or information from the automatic dissemination under the International Exchange Program or by other means. DoD contractors only fill in reason date of determination. With the advent of the Freedom of Information Act, the problem of protecting this information from public release and export to potential adversaries was presented to Congress for resolution.

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Managers of technical programs procuring contractor prepared documents via a CDRL that contain technical data are responsible for determining the distribution statement to be marked on the technical data deliverable. This protection covers publications required solely for official use or strictly for administrative operational purposes.

Distribution authorized to DoD Components only fill in reason date of determination. In SeptemberCongress included in Public Lawthe Defense Authorization Act ofauthority for the Secretary of Defense to withhold from public disclosure certain technical data with military or space application.

It also includes specific information necessary for the development, production, or use of items on the Commerce Control List 15 C.

Export Control Warning and Destruction Notice. Distribution authorized to DoD and U. Secondary Distribution - Release of technical documents provided after primary distribution by anyone other than the originator or controlling office.

Without Distribution Statement markings, technical documents are in violation of the DoD Directives, and the appropriate control of secondary distribution cannot be expected. This statement may be applied to manuals, pamphlets, technical orders, technical reports, and other publications containing valuable technical or operational data.

Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. To protect information in management reviews, records of contractor performance evaluation, or other advisory documents evaluating programs of contractors. The document contains export-controlled technical data of such military significance that release for purposes other than direct support of DoD-approved activities may jeopardize an important technological or operational military advantage of the United States.

The data may be graphic or pictorial delineations in media, such as drawings or photographs, text in specifications or related performance or design type documents, or computer printouts.

Subsequent dissemination of formerly Distribution Statement X documents shall display Distribution Statement C, with export control as the reason and shall be marked as directed in DoDI Over the years, the Department of Defense has established programs designed to protect and preserve our technology.

Distribution Statement - A statement used in marking technical data to denote the extent of its availability for secondary distribution, release, and disclosure without need for additional approvals or authorizations from the controlling DoD office. Government Agencies and their contractors fill in reason date of determination.

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Return to Distribution Codes. 6. Distribution Statement F: Shall be used to signify that all distribution of technical document is to be determined by the controlling DOD office.

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Distribution dle
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