An analysis of under the influence an essay by scott russell sanders

Father swigged one of them right there at the counter, stuffed the other in his pocket, and then out he came, a bulge in his coat, a flustered look on his reddened face. If the personal essay is successful it elevates the writers life into a common experience shared by many readers. If my father was indeed possessed, who would exorcise him?

He then throws himself into his over stuffed chair and sleep. I use the past tense not because he ever quit drinking but because he quit living. But has now being able to move on with his life as an adult. The whiskey on your breath Could make a small boy dizzy; But I hung on like death: He made reference that in the United States alone has at least ten or fifteen million people who share his father mild sickness and how they reacted behind closed doors.

I worked on their place twelve and sixteen hours a day, in the swelter of Mississippi summers, digging ditches, running electrical wires, planting trees, mowing grass, building sheds, as though what nagged at him was some list of chores, as though by taking his worries upon my shoulders I could redeem him.

If he squandered money on drink, I would pinch every penny. Work has become an addiction for me, as drink was an addiction for my father. He and Mother were leaving Ontario, the last of the many places to which his job had carried them, and they were moving to a new house in Mississippi, his childhood stomping ground.

Under the Influence

He remembers clearly as a child sneaking into the garage or barn an witnessing his father drinking from flat green bottles of wine, brown whiskey bottles, and can of beers disguised in brown paper bags. Other people have keener sources of grief - poverty, racism, rape, war. He later describes of the mix emotions he has towards his father.

I failed of perfection; he succeeded in dying. Mother watched him go with arms crossed over her chest, her face closed like the lid on a box of snakes. Night and day for years, this madman had been wailing among the tombs and bruising himself with stones.

Often, when he had parked the car at a careless angle, we gazed in through the window and saw Mr. The labor is endless and futile, for I can no more redeem myself through work than I could redeem my father. Alcoholism Father Rossi Semester: Playing tag, we darted around the house just in time to see him sway on the rear stoop and heave a finished bottle into the woods.

Mother is yelling and he is growling. He refused to quit during their engagement, however, still refused during the first years of marriage, refused until my older sister came along.

I am only trying to understand the corrosive mixture of helplessness, responsibility, and shame that I learned to feel as the son of an alcoholic. On afternoons when he came home from work sober, we flung ourselves at him for hugs and felt against our ribs the telltale lump in his coat.

We never knew which version of Father would come home from work, the true or the tainted, nor could we guess how far down the slope toward cruelty he would slide.

Like many men, he gave up his identity along with his job. Life with him and the loss of him twisted us into shapes that will be familiar to other sons and daughters of alcoholics. When Sanders was growing up there was no common knowledge about the disease of alcoholism, no Alcoholics Anonymous, no rehabilitation centers.A personal essay is a short work of autobiographical nonfiction characterized by a sense of intimacy and a conversational manner.

Also called a personal statement. A type of creative nonfiction, the personal essay is "all over the map," according to Annie Dillard. "There's nothing you can't do. “Under the Influence” this essay written by Scott Russell Sanders is written about his father and his father’s struggle with alcoholism.

This essay shows how alcoholism affects Scott Sanders, his brothers, his sister, his mother and even his own children. Under the Influence By: Scott Russell Sanders Pathos Children were used Sympathy for the family dealing with the shame of an alcoholic father no one knew about Lack of empathy towards the father Double life Ethos Summary: Purpose The purpose of this essay was to demonstrate overcoming adversity and telling a story about something.

Father Rossi Semester: spring Course: Journal writing Date: March, 21st “Under the Influence” By Scott Russell Sanders In the essay “Under the Influence,” Scott Russell Sanders speaks of his father heavy drinking of alcohol. In the essay "Under the Influence," Scott Russell Sanders uses metaphors and comparisons to describe his father's drinking, and the connection of his excessive working and compares those two addictions.

UNDER THE INFLUENCE Paying the price of my father's booze By Scott Russell Sanders Source: HARPER'S, Nov.pp. My father drank. He drank as a gut-punched boxer gasps for breath, as a starving dog.

An analysis of under the influence an essay by scott russell sanders
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